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Acupuncture & Infertility

Acupuncture & Infertility


How does it work?

Professor Chen specialises in the treatment of reproductive disorders and infertility. High success rates have been achieved with a combination of Peripatetic acupuncture and a specially formulated Chinese herbal mixture, developed by Professor Chen himself. Our clinic can offer support at all stages of IVF treatment to optimise your fertility and increase the chance of success.

The benefits of Peripatetic acupuncture and specially formulated Chinese herbal mixture.

  • Improve ovarian and follicular function to produce better quality eggs.
  • Increase blood circulation and Qi (energy) flow to the endometrium.
  • Increase the lining of the uterus and sensitivity of the ovary.
  • Reduce the negative effects of stress on hormones and promote an overall sense of well being.
  • Regulate internal balance to decrease the rate of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.
  • Improve semen densities in male patients
  • Enhance implantation, prepare for conception and increase the success of pregnancy in IUI and IVF patients.
  • Reduce any unwanted side effects of IVF treatment.
  • Strengthen function of internal organs to boost immune system.

What should I expect?

At your first consultation Professor Chen will require detailed information about your medical history, the characteristics of your menstrual cycle and your general health. Professor Chen relies on four methods of diagnosis, observation, hearing/smell, medical background enquiry and touching. During the examination your pulse will be taken to determine the overall condition of your body. Dr Chen will then devise a treatment plan which is tailored specifically to your needs.

Where appropriate the aim of the treatment will be to regulate the cycle and support ovulation or implantation. The medicine may be prescribed as a tea or in pill form. Professor Chen may also recommend lifestyle and dietary changes. Treatment times are a minimum of three months although more complex problems may take longer.

Our clinic is happy to work closely with yourself and your western doctor in order to develop the best treatment plan
for you.