Balance Oriental Health Centre Tel: 0207 5892292



No Periods / Fertility / PCO

"The most amazing experience, solving a long term problem that western doctors said would never be possible, wonderful staff every visit. Thank you to everyone at Balance."

Ms J Sykes, London SE16


Extensive injuries / stomach problems

"Huge improvement in circulation, energy, like being in a repair shop, rejuvenating, restoring, energizing, strengthening –
what no doctors or therapists can do for me before.
Excellent service."

Mrs. C Hayward, London SW3


Skin Rash

"Really impressed with the treatments, excellent customer service."

Ms E Nyktari, London SW7


Low back pain

"Prof Chen is the best doctor in the world! In 4 sessions
I could walk again vigorously, play with my child, feel
energized and vitalized. The staffs were very helpful, polite
and approachable."

Ms A Kyriakoulis, London SW7



"Wonderful-Professional-Impressive, Prof Chen understood
I was pregnant before anybody else. I had twin boy / girl."

Cristina, London SW7


MS, limited use of arm, hand, leg and foot on left side

"I cannot praise the doctor enough! He has helped a lot with movement of limbs, I feel more confident going out on my own. I am a very happy lady!!! The staff are very friendly and helpful, always a pleasure to work through the door."

Mrs. A Doe, Norfolk


Kidney, Frozen shoulder, Migraine

"After 3 acupuncture sessions, all symptoms cured, also pregnant, excellent, after 3 IVF, pregnant in first cycle!"

Ms.F Hull, London SW7